Tattoos & Piercings for Companies

Today's hiring managers tend to be from a generation when tattoos were limited to Marines, bikers, and gypsies. When these managers interviewed for their first jobs, even facial hair for men and open-toe shoes for women were a no-no. Today, facial hair is commonplace and hair length runs from the shaven head to a neatly tied pony-tail. Female candidates arrive to the interview with cleavage exposed and "dressy" flip-flops. If you take a look around most workplaces today, employers have either given up trying to regulate dress code or just don't care. But that still doesn't stop candidates from getting under the skin of hiring managers with almost any display of tattoos and piercings. That's a problem because forty percent of adults’ ages 18 to 40 now have a tattoo or non-earlobe piercing, according to the Pew Research Center's Gen Next Survey.

Young workers even those going through business school and looking to be corporate leaders one day have ramped up both the number and placement of this body art. Such markings started to become mainstreams due to the tattooed punk movement of the 1980s. This has created a firestorm of activity to create personal appearance policies that include rules about tattoos and piercings. But as many employers will tell you, it's not that easy without discriminating against certain classes of workers and without significantly reducing the size of the talent pool.

Candidates and employees often feel the employer has no right to restrict the display of piercings and tattoos. That's not true. Companies can limit employees' personal expression on the job as long as they don't infringe on their civil liberties. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, employers are allowed to impose dress codes and appearance policies as long as they don't discriminate against a person's race, color, religion, age, national origin or gender. Companies faced with inked and pierced applicants can demand eyebrow rings or tongue rings be removed and tattoos covered to help project the proper image to customers. That is because some customers, particularly older ones who dislike tattoos, could be turned off and they may be less likely to do business with it. Loss of business is a justifiable reason to restrict the display of body art in whatever form it takes.

The essentials of body art today

Body art is a way to make a personal statement and not just a fashion. It does seem that the tattoos are very catching to younger people. You usually see them on rock stars and celebrities, as well as various cultural icons. It has become a common thing for individuals to change their personal body image with body art. Since doing so is not as unhelpfully viewed as it was at one time. Body art is no longer reserved for bikers but anybody can have this in their body with different styles and forms.

Moreover, if you want to have a  very unique design of body art there are a lot of stores that you can visit, you can also go to a person who love painting or drawing they might have a lot of ideas that will give the best art in your body. There are a lot of different styles but mostly or commonly paint on the body is the tribal art. Hence, if you want to find the perfect body art here are some important things you will consider. First, look at your own personality are you funny, mysterious, elegant or daring. You may fit in one or more of these categories, but knowing where you fit can help you to find the tattoo that will reflect your personality. The next thing is to determine whether you want a design that is common or something that is 100% original. There are some people who want the common designs for the appreciation that they want to have and others want to be unique. So choosing what is trendy at the moment should be done with caution and find a unique and personal design at your body art today. However, you can explore previous designs done by the artists or you can search in the internet for some attractive designs. Although there are a lot of places for you to look in order to find the right design for you. Lastly, think about the colors you want to put in your body art. Just make sure that you do not overdo it because there are some body art may not look so nice in the future.

Wearing Body Jewelry for a Reason

Everyone wants to look stunning and amiable. This is the basic target of both men and women. No one of us would desire to do things which makes them ugly or makes them sound unaware in terms of fashion. With the changing times we are all facing, our preferences and tastes are changing too. We are also following the current trends. We get to follow the new fashion trends in order for us to get more beautiful. We followed the piercing and tattoos as well.

This body jewelry piercing is a kind of jewelry particularly intended for body piercings. These have evolved a lot since the time body piercing started. Today, body piercing jewelry is obtainable in every variation such as bamboo, plastics, steel and others. You can get hold of these jewelries at various brands obtainable via online or store. You can effortlessly search for these kinds via online along with the price and materials used. This body jewelry is part of every youngster’s attire. It’s intended for different areas on the human body. With the change in the trends there are different types of body jewelry soared for sales. You can obtain trendy body jewelry from any of the website at reasonably priced prices. Although piercing has been a part of our ancestral society, now it has increased more recognition. The ground for the increase in popularity is exclusively because the younger generation has taken charge of this trend.

Some people who don’t have body jewelry, it is really up to you guys whether you’ll try to have some or not. What really matter is that you are comfortable of what you are wearing, and looks good on you. Even though these jewelries add beautification in you, still you need to consider some aspects before acquiring any. Like for instance, if you are allergic with the kind of jewelry and you find yourself appealing with that, never force to use it because it may do no good to you at all. Things happen for a reason, and you are wearing body jewelry simply because you have a reason.

Look For Body Jewelry That Suits to Your Body and You Are Comfortable With It

During antique times, body jewelry has been evolving and in exercise. Nowadays, body jewelry serves not only as an attractive fashion accessory, but a fashion declaration as well. Body jewelry is accessible in a collection of reasonably priced resources, such as plastic as well as glass. Unquestionably the appeal of gold prolongs to captivate, yet affordable, renowned metal jewelry are as well well-liked. Before purchasing body jewelry on the Internet, you need to have some work and some research to make certain that you are shopping with an outstanding trader or wholesale dealer. There are plenty of traders out there, just make sure that the dealer is reputable.  Actually, if the traders are really good, they should have no trouble in displaying important information about their business for their potential clients/customers. These reputable traders should have information on their sites that convince you that they are well-established, and that they do not mark up their prices/costs extremely, that they have lots of business connections, and most importantly that they have low overhead costs.

Information about these overhead costs is very significant, because if a wholesale body jewelry supplier or dealer has a lot of overhead to pay, they are going to mark up their prices of their body jewelry for their clients or customers more than someone who does not have lots of overhead. They are going to mark up their prices on their wholesale body jewelry because it provides revenue for them to disburse their bills. It takes time to do the research, but to come up with the right supplier is indeed rewarding and worthy for the hard work you did. There are numerous online suppliers that offer Body jewelry, whether these are intended for body piercing or non-piercing, you get the possibility to settle-on from a broad collection of body jewelry online. Anything that is your favor whether these are jewelries that contain stones that includes expensive metal, and finished from fashionable resources, is available over the internet. Choose carefully the kind of jewelry you are going to wear and make sure you are comfortable wearing it.

Tattoos & Piercings


A tattoo is a design imprinted into your skin. You can get many different tattoo designs on your skin. A tattoo can be a means of self expression. Choosing the right design can be a good way of making a statement about you to the rest of the world.


Piercing is using a sharp instrument, usually a needle, to make a temporary or permanent hole through an earlobe or other body part. Some of us have practiced piercing for body decoration since prehistoric times. Unless it is performed using a sterile needle, piercing can carry a risk of infection. A piercing should be kept dirt free; antibiotic cream may be useful if the area becomes swollen. As disgusting as it may be, a piercing is nothing more than a piece wound with a piece of jewelry inserted into the hole. Many individuals would badly consider body piercing, but the potential for pain is moreover for the weak of heart. In most instances, the pain allied with the actual piercing is not nearly as extreme as believed.

If you want to have a tattoo, here are some tips that surely are gratifying.

-You have to decide what kind of message you want others to read. Most people use a design that will convey their feelings to the entire world. They also want to use design that expresses their interests to their friends.

-Consider the kind of colors that you like. You may want colors that will compliment your skin or even your favorite color is the best choice. If you have pale skin, you may use dark blue and if you do have an Asian color, then choose red, it will compliment to your skin.

-You have to think for the time. Some tattoos will take a small amount of time to make. Others have more involved details or piece, and it takes a longer time to create.

-Once you are already decided, consult with your friends or a professional one to make a tattoo for you. You have to take time to do your research to choose the perfect one.

Risks that Can be Encountered on having a Tattoo

In general, almost all tattoos are applied without any problem hence, there are still some that result in a less than desirable outcome. Unsanitary equipments are the primary reason that most individuals face when getting a tattoo.

When the tools and equipments that are needed to create a tattoo is not properly cleaned then the possibilities for contracting a disease is high. Plus, tattoos also often to en up to skin infection, and this happens if the equipment that is used to create the tattoo is dirty of if the person does not properly care on the area where that tattoo is.

If you are experiencing an excessive redness, swelling or even pain around the area of the tattoo, the you need to consult a physician and let him inspect the tattoo to determine whether it is infected or not. The common treatment that may occur includes medication, but if the infection is extremely bad then the patient is needed to be hospitalized. And if the patient ever decides to have that tattoo removed, a physician is again needed.

To completely remove a tattoo, surgery is the only way and as  with the type of surgery that is needed carries additional risks. If an individual decides to remove his/her tattoo, the procedure may be either an out-patient process or one that requires a minimal hospital stay. The ultimate determination will be made by a physician. At the same time, if a tattoo is every removed, there is a great possibility that a visible scar will remain. While it is true that most scars become less noticeable in time, they never completely go away and will forever be a reminder of the tattoo that was once there.

Just as with every decision in life, there are pluses and minuses to every ordeal. If you are considering a tattoo, take a moment and think twice to carefully think about why you want the tattoo, how you will feel about it after 10 years from now. When making a permanent marking on your body, you should do so only because you want to and not because anyone else wants or expects you to.

What are the Types of Body Arts?

Some of the most usual types of body arts are like body piercing, tattoos, body painting, scarification, scalpelling, branding, and as well as the body shaping.

Posted below are some types of body arts together with its further definitions:

  • o Tattoos
The tattoo is a life-time type of body mark and or design. It is specifically done through skin penetration using a needle and then injecting inks into the penetrated skin/body area. Temporary types of tattoos are called as the Henna Tattoo and do not need the use of needles.  It just lasts for a few days and or weeks.
  • o Body piercing
It is the act of making holes or hole in the body skin to specifically wear some jewelry.
  • o Scarring
It is the art of making some specific wounds above the body skin which leaves raised scars and or marks after the wound heals.

This kind of body art can also be utilized to make textures and or patterns on the skin.

On the ancient cultures and times, the scarification is used as the rites of adulthood initiation and as well as any other reasons.

  • Body Painting
Body painting is not like any other types of body arts and it is in nature to be a temporary type. This kind of body arts only lasts for about hours, days, and or weeks.

Body painting sometimes includes the face only, some body parts and might even the entire body.

  • o Body shaping
This kind of body art is a certain type of technique which wherein the body is sculpted. This kind of body art can even get so extreme.

This can be done through neck lengthening, waistline corseting, and as well as head and foot binding.

Among all sorts of body shaping, the most popular method are the cosmetic surgery and or the plastic surgery.

This kind of body method can permanently change and as well as define certain body parts.

For several years already, Body shaping has been the subject of broader types of treatments and discussions which cannot be just called as a simple type of body shaping.

Types of Belly Button Pierce

PIN GROUP 7 Navel Rings

Today, there are several and various types of belly button pierce available in the market. Using this kind of pierce is an excellent way for you to express your personal style.

The 2 common types of belly button pierce are the:

Curved barbell style – this kind of pierce is measured through thickness and in length and even gauge.

Circular Rings – this type of pierce is measured through thickness and as well as in diameter

As time passes by, the styles of belly button pierce are constantly expanding.

Today, you are certainly able to seek a vast array of charming and dangling styles which offers great feminine appeal. This kind of fact is certainly a great addition for diamonds and gems.

Posted below are the other more types of belly button pierce:




Dream catcher belly button pierce

Dangling and glittering stones




Teardrop stones (The Vintage style)


Native American and southwest styles


Initials and letters






Among all styles of belly button pierce, the twister and or the spiral design is the hottest trend today. The design of this kind of pierce greatly adds intrigue and interests that is why a lot of women do like to wear this kind of pierce for bellies. However, due to its complex design, you really need to take a lot of care in keeping it from getting caught and or snagged on your clothes and other more items when unworn.

The novelty belly button pierce is another kind of popular navel accessory crave. The prominence of this kind of pierce is due to the reason that it has several types of design that greatly shows individual expression and as well as fun such as the:

Dangling Martini Glasses

Holiday Designs

Sports Team Logos

The prices of belly button pierces can range up to $50.00 up to $100.00. The price of the belly button ring also depends on the materials and metals used that is why you need to expect that it will cost higher than the aforementioned prices.

You can also buy some low priced belly button pierce that only cost for as low as 90 cents. The materials of these rings are very cheap and might just cause you with skin abrasions while piercing and or wearing it.