Investment Banking Businesses

?(I) Bond underwriting

It refers to the business that SFC provides information consultation for the bond financing of member companies, develops issuance plan, underwrites or sells by proxy the bonds issued by member companies. SFC's bond underwriting business covers such bond varieties as enterprise bond, debenture, short-term financing bill, medium term note, convertible bond, asset securitization products and other debt financing facilities.


  • SFC's professional financial serviceability and financing channels are used to build up the fund-raising ability of member companies;
  • Reducing the financing cost of member companies and improving liability mix.

?(II) Entrusted investment

It refers to the business that in light of the asset maintenance and appreciation needs of member companies, SFC receives the non-operating capital entrusted by member companies, and allocates special investment manager to customize dedicated financial plan and provide investment management services as per different demands.


  • Design and management by professional institute safeguards asset safety and income;
  • Effective utilization of non-operating capital in idle improves the rate of return on assets;
  • "Customized" investment plan ensures the effective allocation of investment funds.

?(III) Financial advisor

This is the business that SFC provides member companies with consultation, analysis and conceptual design services in terms of investment and financing, capital operation, asset management and liability management, such as investment and financing advisor, debt financing instrument issuance advisor, asset management advisor, liability management advisor, asset reorganization advisor and permanent financial advisor to enterprises.


  • Integrating internal and external financial resources and "customizing" professional consultancy services;
  • Assisting member companies in enhancing financial control and improving capital utilization efficiency;
  • Increasing external bargaining power, saving financial costs, reducing financial risks and improving overall financial management level.