Settlement Businesses

?(I) Account management service

Account management represents the fundamental service provided by SFC for member companies. Internal settlement accounts opened by SFC for member companies can be used in internal and external settlement, capital pool and bills pool, among other settlement operations. Member companies can control the receipt and payment of funds in the accounts, inquire capital receipt and payment information on a real-time basis, and monitor the dynamics of the funds in light of their capital management needs.


  • Convenient account opening procedures and planned control over receipt and payment;
  • Unified monitoring on the platform with capital security guaranteed;
  • Scientific account system and full-featured management functions.

?(II) Settlement services

Internal settlement

It refers to the capital receipt and payment business handled by member companies via SFC. Internal settlement business is a characteristic business of SFC. Based on integrated system processing, SFC realizes the online submission of capital receipt and payment transaction, real-time transfer and automatic bookkeeping. Internal settlement is divided into agreement-based settlement and non-agreement-based settlement on the basis that whether a settlement agreement is signed or not.


  • greement binding and guarantee, ensuring on-schedule receipt;
  • Streamlining settlement process and avoiding funds in transit;
  • No handling charges collected, saving cost expenditure.

External settlement

It refers to the capital receipt and payment business concerning commodity transaction, labor service and capital transaction handled by internal member companies with external entities via SFC. Based on the advanced and scientific account system, extensive and efficient receipt and payment network, and integrated and interlinked information system, SFC ensures that member companies achieve the online initiation of receipt and payment, real-time payment and timely feedback of external funds.


  • Directly connected and integrated system, ensuring timeliness and convenience;
  • Supported by multiple channels, ensuring flexibility and convenience;
  • Full monitoring on funds, realizing security and efficiency.

(III) Centralized capital management

It refers to the capital collection service provided by SFC for member companies in light of their management needs. Based on the scientific account system, extensive and efficient settlement network, and advanced information system, SFC ensures that member companies achieve the real-time collection and centralized management of the funds of their subordinate enterprises. Besides that, SFC can customize the schemes for centralized capital management for member companies as per their specific characteristics.


  • Constant capital ownership, use right and right to yields;
  • Integrated capital operation, level-to-level management and planned control;
  • Flexible functional allocation, personalized capital management and rigorous risk control.

(IV) Bills pool business

This business involves comprehensive value-added bills services provided by SFC for member companies, such as bills inquiry, custody, collection and acceptance. By employing the sophisticated bills management system and specialized bills business operation, SFC helps member companies strengthen the centralized management and integrated operation of bills resources, realize the all-in-one and complete management of bills, reduce capital occupation, speed up bills circulation, guard against the risks of bills, and maximize their bills management value.


  • Integrated budget control and internal effective circulation;
  • Speeding up bills circulation and reducing capital occupation;
  • Perfecting resource operation and elevating bills value.

?(V) Deposit business

SFC delivers current, fixed and other deposit services to member companies. Deposit interest rate follows the benchmark interest rate of the People's Bank of China, and interest is settled on a quarterly basis by adjusting the upward floating proportion as per market realities.


  • Standardized interest accrual of deposits and convenient withdrawal;
  • Automatic system processing, ensuring convenience and efficiency;
  • Self-determined deposit term and flexible term collocation.